We are JavaScript / Typescript / React / Node developers from Shanghai, China

Ready to help you develop productsstaff your team, or improve your team's productivity

We develop

Website / WeChat Small Program / H5 / App / WeChat Official Accounts / CMS / Backend

Our Formula

const ReactMa = ({ focus, codeQuality, tooling }) => <ClientSuccess and="OurSucess" />

Our Tech Stack

Our Clients

Our Services

Product Development

MVP / Minimum Viable Product

We know the challenges of morden software product development, website, App, enterprise app, or programmes, esp. for startup teams: time constraints, constantly changing variables, limited team, budget.

We use morden open technology and framework, Agile / Scum to quickly develop MVP so that you can validate your product concept FAST.

Scale Up

Once your MVP has been validated, you need to quickly iterate your product and expand user base.

We want to be your long term partner, to help you iterate your product to achieve scale and make product a real 'PRODUCT'.

Staffing / Remote development

You need extra hands or expertise

You have a plan, to launch a new product, upgrade an existing product or deliver a challenging project for your client. And you chose JS stack.

You can't find enough JS / Typescript / React developers, or testers locally, or you just wait to hire new staff, or you just don't have permanent headcounts.

We are here to help

We focus on JS / Typescript / React stack and train our local engineerers constantly so they are always up to techonology development, ready to join your team to deliver and perform professionally any time.

Tipically you will incorporate our developers into your team as your team member, and you will management them directly to have more control. We will be responsible for their hiring, contracting, benefits and most importantly, training and professional development.


We customize training courses, according to your team's needs, so that your team can master latest technology, tools and patterns in rappidly developing JavaScript / Typescript / React.js / Node.js echo system.

Our treaining apprach

Understand your requirements

Before training is tarted, we will interview your team to understand their current skills and define with you your training goal.

Customize content

Based on your requirements, we will tailor make traiing form, course flow, Q/A style and hands on exercises to address your specific needs.

Tangible result

We will conduct final skill eveluation, submit skill improvement eveluation report, and follow up with your team's actual performance at work, conduct follow-up training so your team can achieve tangile performance improvement.

Our training forms

Pair Programming

Our pair programming helps your team unleash their potential when program with our experienced professionals, improve communication and collobration sills, satisfaction at work and deliver quality products.


We offer various practical workshops on specific JavaScript/Typescript/React.js/Node.js technology, latest development or achitecture patterns.


We provide certicates to high performing trainees to certify that they have master latest technology.



Syntanx basics / Functions / Object / Async / Events / Callbaks / DOM / ES6: Class, Promise, Generator, Arrow function, ... / Functional programming


Syntax basics / Type / Module / Class / Compiler

Tooling and Process

Git and version control / Webpack / Yarn / NPM / Agile / Scrum

React.js Training

React.js Fundamental

Components / Props / State / JSX / Lifecycle / Events / Testing

React.js Advanced

Keys / Fragments / Render-props / HOC / Contexts / Refs / Suspense / Portal / Hooks ...

React.js 与 Redux

Redux basics / Reucer & action lifecycle / Redux and React integration / Async Process / Middleware