Open Source

JavaScript/Typescript/React echo system is based on opensource technology, including React.js, Nextjs, Node.js, Redux, Redux Saga etc.

We use these opensource technology extensively and some proprietary platform and tools to develop products for our clients.

We have also gradually open up our inhouse, components and libraries, or tools to the opensource / developer / designer cummunity, for them to use freely.

Free tools developed by us

Qibot image assistant ( in Chinese )
Image compression Web App,developed on Node.js + inhouse image processing engine on top of C++ and OpenCV. It can further compress images without losing quality on already optimized images. It also supports image format conversion, cropping and transformation.
It has already more thant 20,000 professional users, mainly designers, new media operation staff and e-business operation staff. It is free to individual users.

Qibot WeChat small program
The WeChat small program of Qibot. You can use Qibot's image processing services on WeChat / mobilephone.
It supports custom parameters.